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Has it ever occurred to you, what exactly is a hobby? Did you grow up listening to the same thing that we have endured, " Focus on your studies, focus on your career, what will this writing/dancing/singing/entrepreneurship, etc get you?"

To answer this age-old question, Creators are the lifeline of the Modern Era. Social Media and Content are ruling the world right now and this is now a career option. FanatiXx was found with the sole objective to work as a guide for these Creators, to provide A-Z services that these creators will need. The services include Book Publication, Anthologies, Open Mics, Seminars, Webinars, Live Interview Sessions with established and skilled professionals, Branding on a Variety of News channels both online and offline, helping entrepreneurs with a chance to make their own start-up. Serve them with all kinds of BPO services, Social Media Handling, Promotions, Advertisements, Recognitions, and training sessions.

These services are all divided into 6 Brand Names registered under FanatiXx.

1) FanatiXx Publication

2) Spectrum of Thoughts Publication and Community


4) My Authors' Hub

5) Khule Aam Bol

6) Spectrum Awards

Any services a creator, a writer, or any artist needs, we got that covered.

"FanatiXx started as a small Instagram Doodle Page, but the love and support were enormous, gaining around 50,000+ members within the first 6 months which motivated me to move ahead and step up. This was when I decided that its time to get a team on board. Its been 5 years since then, and we have come a long way, with 7 core team members including Akshat Lakhe (Management Head for FanatiXx Publication), Saizal Gupta (Editor in Chief for FanatiXx Publication), Mayuri Valanju (Management Head for Spectrum of Thoughts), Neharika Bhatia (Management Head for Spectrum Awards), Ishika Bhardwaj (Outreach Manager for FanatiXx Publication), Sagar Chand Samal (Graphic Design Head for FanatiXx), Noorleen Kaur Bhatia (Management Head for and My Authors' Hub), Laxmipriya Jena (Management Head for Khule Aam Bol) and more than 200 people working with us and the family has grown to over 100,000+ members. This has been a fun journey, with our members i.e. our second family, and I hope it remains the same.", the journey of FanatiXx as described by Hemant Bansal.


As said by the Best Selling Author of the Book Was She Mine!, Mr. Bajrang Sultania, "Fabulous(F) Amazing(A) Nostalgic(N) Ambience(A) Together(T) Ignites(I) XFactor(Xx)  in a writeup. This core hardworking effluent team has got the potential to work with the creators and leave the people in awww. They always vocalize a saying 'Don't be the Phase of dreams, Be the Face of your dreams'. Apart from being the community, they are involved in hearing out your hidden screams, a tired emotion, a dead story, a lying smile."

"FanatiXx's tagline - Brand of Brands is not just a tagline but a Fact, and FanatiXx's motto - The Creators' Guide is in fact not a dream anymore." Hemant Bansal the founder of FanatiXx says.

Mic on Stage

Making Dreams Come True

It's easier to give up, rather than Work Hard to achieve.

I believe that if you cannot find a way to earn while you sleep, you will never be FREE in a true sense.

This was the goal I had in mind for the creators when I started with FanatiXx, which is now an A-Z guide for Creators to Learn, Aspire, Grow, Publish, DIstribute, Get Branding, Recognition and support, and anything they might need.

Hemant Bansal

Founder and CEO

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