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Apr 25, 2021
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I just read this book, published by FanatiXx Publication. Qotd : What if all Emojis get disappear? Title : Swings of Life Genre : Collection of Poetry / Prose Language : English Poet : Mahima Hasija @mahima_hasija_ Format : Paperback Publication : @fanatixxpublication Reviewed by : Neharika Bhatia @themotivationalkick "Life swings like a pendulum backward and forward between pain and Boredom" 🔮 Swings of Life is an anthology by Mahima Hasija. This book is divided into 2 sections. The first section contains 30 well-crafted poems. The second section is a combination and collection of 27 Articles and Short stories. 🔮 The first very aspect I want to appreciate is the approach of the poet towards the bittersweet reality, May it be the very first ladder of our life '10th/12th boards' or Guilty pleasures or Social Media or Marriage, religion, social issues, and impacts this book has covered it all. 🔮 While reading the foreword by the father of the poet, I was so touched by, I could not resist reading the book ahead. The way Poet Mahima's Father was proud of, was the best part to read about. 🔮 I read this book in no time and few poems are already my favorite by now. The poem with the title 'Emoji Speaks louder than the words' is so relatable to my life and the poem too was interesting. The other poem which I loved was 'My problem> your problem', Can you relate to this title? For me, it is a yes-yes situation. This poem had so many instances where people think their problem is bigger than ours. I love many other poems, so I won't give much of it here, but you can grab your copies to find them. 🔮 Even the section with articles and short stories was amazing. Here are few titles I loved reading: 1. Welcome to India, 2. Is life suffering, 3. Can money buy happiness? 4.Are we all independent. Many others were too good but the above ones are now my favorite. 🔮 Talking about the language of the book, The flow in the poem was good but talking about the stories and article was even better. The language was lucid and easy to understand. Good for rookie readers. 🔮 Loved the Cover and the illustration effect. The Colour was soothing, Title matched with the content well. Overall a good read.
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